Why experiential marketing is here to stay.

Experiential marketing is a marketing technique that aims at create engagement between a brand and its audience through a variety of different experiences and interactions. Experiential campaigns use an activation  to bring brands to life and interact directly with a target audience.

Why the need of experiential marketing?

People are now more cynical about brands than they’ve ever been, brands are struggling to remain relevant and meaningful by simply using traditional marketing techniques.

So it’s time to re-think your marketing strategy. In real life, experiential marketing campaigns provide an opportunity to leave an impression, intrigue and engage consumers on different levels. Experiential campaigns can include a range of tools such as live experiences, creative sampling, roadshows, festivals, social content, digital campaigns, PR stunts, partnerships and much more.

Experiential marketing gets to the heart of what motivates people, positioning brands as useful, interesting, relevant and desirable. The best campaigns put people first, aiming to delight, provoke, challenge, inspire, motivate and, ultimately, produce tangible results. That’s why a growing number of marketers are allocating more and more budget to experiential marketing.

Why Experiential Marketing Is Here To Stay

Experiential marketing helps create an authentic and long-lasting brand awareness – in essence, people will remember your brand through interesting experiences and interactions that really engage them. These tangible experiences can create stronger bonds between people and products, as people can interact with a brand in a genuine way and hopefully will form a positive opinion of it.

Experiential marketing appeals to the new ways people use media.

Social media has become a cornerstone in all marketing campaigns, but experiential marketing has made it an even more powerful tool. Experiences capitalise on the ways people use social networks, encouraging them to capture and share content, expanding the reach of a campaign and making it viral.

Experiential marketing gives people a chance to interact with a brand.

To build a positive bond with a brand, people first need to interact with it. Brand experiences are typically fun, unique and memorable – they provide engaging interactions that people enjoy and is happy to share with others.

Loyalty is built or lost every time people have an interaction with a brand and experiential marketing provides an opportunity for a brand to present their best side to consumers, establishing connections with them and fuelling that loyalty.

It’s not as easy as it looks though. Many brands have reservations about adopting experiential marketing strategies, as they can be very challenging to execute. However, with a focused approach and the right partner, these challenges can be easily overcome.

How to choose the right experiential marketing agency

Creating a partnership with an experiential agency requires an understanding between what you need as a client and the core competencies of the agency. Finding the right partner requires asking a number of key questions to determine if someone is the right fit. Here are the top questions we expect every prospect client to ask us before we diced to work together.

What are your agency’s core competencies?

A good experiential marketing agency wields both experience and expertise. Defining core competencies allows you to gauge whether or not they are a good fit for your company. Creative design, technology, execution, brand ambassadors are all a part of this process. Ensuring the agency meets or exceeds your needs in terms of experiences it can deliver is key to a successful, happy partnership.

How does your agency incorporate social media and digital marketing techniques?

Experiential requires the “wow” factor. Is the agency able to deliver show-stopping results? Social and digital techniques can often add the extra factor your experience needs.

What will our partnership look like?

A strong working relationship helps to ensure a smooth experience from start to finish. Ask the agency what communication channels they are planning to use, what your involvement will look like, and what reporting tools you will have available to monitor the results.

What measurement tools does your agency use?

You should always measure the ROI of your experiential marketing campaigns as accurately as possible. What gets measured gets funded. Ask your agency what KPIs they are planning to use. Ensure that the metrics of your experiential effort will be measured and accurately reported for analysis by your team.

How will the vision be brought to life?

Find out the agency’s creative process from design to execution. Successfully constructing your creative vision allows for a successful experience for all involved.

Whether you are creating your first or fiftieth experience, asking the right questions can mean the difference between looking like a rock star or making an expensive mistake.

Finding the right experiential marketing agency to fit your brand and your business’ goals should never be difficult. When seeking out the right partner, make sure to know what you want to achieve and remember to ask these questions!

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November 8, 2019