Why Content is key to every Marketing Strategy

Research shows that 47% of consumers engage with 3-5 pieces of content before directly engaging with a brand and 78% confirm that personalised relevant content increases their purchase intent. 

Content marketing is no longer a consideration for brands, it should be at the heart of and driving the marketing strategies.

Although people consume a huge amount of content on a daily basis, the infinite supply exceeds our finite time making it harder for brands to connect with the people that matter to them. Usually, this is an issue as the brand hasn’t effectively established, who actually matters to them. 

It’s key to identify: who matters to your brand, in what moments can you connect with them, how do they behave in that moment and what is the emotional connection that you can make through content.

Today if you want to trigger consumers interest, you have to consider them as the protagonists of your brand stories, your people now make your brand and by opening up and allowing them to be at the heart of your content, they tell the story for you, resulting in influencing their wider community.

Products are now the result of experience, we only need to look at the diminishing high street and the rise of branded pop-up experiences to prove this point. Research also shows, that 3 out of 4 Millennials would rather spend their money on live experiences than buying something they like.

We are all under pressure to be interesting and have visual content to post, which is why in-real-life- experiences are key to your brand marketing plan to deliver moments you can connect in and create content that can live on after the moment. Beyond content, events do indeed drive revenue, our experiences show that branded pop-ups sell more products during the event open than the nearest competing retail concession.

Our proven way of working starts with Listening followed by Insight-led-thinking and although we know that content marketing works, research proves that  81% of UK businesses consider their content marketing strategy to be effective.

The key to an effective content plan is to keep it LIVELY…

Listen – Identify who matters to you.
Insight – find out in what moments can you connect with them and how they behave in those moments.
Visual and Vocalise your story through emotion, find the pain point of the people that matter to you, and how you solve that.
Engage – make your people the protagonists of your brand story give them easy ways to connect and advocate.
Learn – test and learn, measure and evaluate, never stop learning and evolving as your people are evolving every day.
Yield – not every channel, style, campaign is going to work for you, focus on the ones that drive you connections and revenue. 


The Queen of emotive Content –  Dove

In 2013 Dove launched the video “Dove: real beauty sketches”, a social experiment to understand how women see their beauty and compare it with how others see it. The film shows an FBI-trained sketch artist drawing a woman’s portrait according to their own self-description.
He then sketches the same woman according to a strangers description.
Neither the women nor the artist knew about the social experiment.
Watch this video on  Dove Real Beauty Sketches it was uploaded in 25 different languages to 46 Dove Youtube channels.

  • 4.6 billion impressions
  • 275,000 followers were reached
  • 1st place Cannes YouTube Ads Leaderboard
  • Won Titanium Grand Prix at 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

The video currently has had 68,361,694 views and is considered as one of the most successful content marketing campaigns ever launched.

This is one of many campaigns that proves your content doesn’t have to directly relate to your product but it must tell your brand story/purpose through emotion.

Doves mission to see your real/true beauty and personal perception is an incredibly beautiful moment.

January 21, 2019