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Producing Creative Content that gets Shareable Reactions.

We focus on producing disruptive content that sparks connections. Because, we have an infinite supply of things to do, see and read, and finite time, so we make your creative content disruptive, emotive and stand out.

We focus on marketing to people, not data sets.
We consider connected people, not just millennials.
We create ideas, campaigns, and content that reaches your audience to get reactions.

At Live Film, Photography, and Editing are all done in-house, our experienced team of camera operators, photographer, and editors are around the table in our studio from the concept stage to save time later in the process and ensure our ideas look great from both sides of the lens.

Recently we have produced content for:
Estee Lauder Companies – how to deal with GDPR.
The Health Lottery – how to tell the untold charity stories.
BECCA launching into John Lewis – filming our events in Covent garden for social content.
Candy Crush – filming our events for social content.