Nice to meet you, Nathalie!

Driving lessons and a dreamy Italian road trip, find out about Nathalie’s most memorable moments…

About you? 

I’m Nathalie, Live’s new Digital Designer. I’m looking forward to working on lots of exciting creative artworks and designs with the team. I’m originally from Germany, however I fell in love with London seven years ago and have been living here ever since!   

Why Live? 

 I love being part of our tight-knit team, working closely to really understand our clients’ needs and deliver bespoke work for them. There’s an exciting office dynamic, with a ‘work hard, play hard’ culture that really brings out the best in each of us. It’s great to work for an agency that challenges me and encourages me to express my design ideas! 

Most memorable moment? 

With lots of amazing food, spectacular scenery and fascinating history, my Italian road trip last summer has been my most memorable moment so far. I’m still dreaming of going back soon! 

Best connection you ever made?  

It’s a bit of an odd one but I had a really good connection with my driving instructor a couple of years ago. Many friends had told me about their bad experience and how learning to drive was one of their biggest obstacles. Enjoying my driving lessons helped me massively with my stage fright and passing my driving test. 

What does Lively mean to you? 

‘Lively’ means being enthusiastic about your work and bringing energy, creativity, and openness every day. When we’re all lively, we encourage each other to think big and work collaboratively to deliver something amazing. 

November 19, 2021