TikTok not just for teens

TikTok is not just for teens, with over 800 million active users and an average viewing time of 52 minutes a day, we’ve all been sucked into the TikTok time warp, TikTok is fast becoming one a favourite platform with celebrities, influencers and household brands and adults getting involved. TikTok’s reach among adults more than doubled at beginning of 2020.

TikTok content reaches huge audiences and with the app being relatively uncluttered with advertising, this offers brands a significant stand out market place. All adverts are video-based, which means they blend in seamlessly with TikTok’s nature content and doesn’t effect the users experience.

So why is this a platform that marketers should be utilising?

  1. Its Algorithm – TikTok algorithm services content based entirely on user’s interests and the videos they watch and engage with. If a user isn’t following you, it doesn’t mean they won’t see your content. TikTok can serve content to hundreds of millions of feeds based on what users like, rather than who they like.
  2. Target audience interests – When you sign up, it asks you your interests- gaming, fashion, comedy, sports etc.By tuning into these categories as a brand you become much more visible.
  3. You can build a presence quite easily – it’s an open platform, any content placed on the platform can be discovered by anyone. You are not obstructed to view content by invite-only groups or need for followers.
  4.  Audiences want to get involved – TikTok audiences are not just here to watch, they’re here to get involved. Impactful, well-executed marketing campaigns, audiences get involved and participate. An example of of this is #EyesLipsFace from e.l.f cosmetics, to increase awareness around the fact that ‘e.l.f’ stands for ‘eyes lips face’. The hashtag challenged invited people to show their moves to an original track for a chance to win cosmetics. It became the most viral brand campaign ever on TikTok,  reaching the fastest to reach 1 billion views. 

The original song track eyes.lips.face’ by iLL Wayno feat. Holla FyeSixWun, subsequently was released on Spotify and iTunes with over 8 millions streams.  View some of the campaign best bits here.

5. Immersive campaigns – It has the ability to deliver immersive campaigns that are unique and specific audience through connecting you with your perfect audience through interest while ensuring excellent engagement.

If you haven’t signed your brand up to TikTok yet, give it a go, as TikTok say;

“Our content may be goofy, but our algorithm is serious. TikTok is not about your friend base – it’s about the constant discovery of interest-related content” TikToks views


June 29, 2020