Tackling digital isolation through branded experiences.

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Tackling digital isolation through branded experiences.

The power to do the majority of tasks from the palm of our hands continues to grow, the digital world is allowing us to do what we want from the comfort of our sofa’s whilst sat in our underpants. Work, play, book holidays, shop, protest, be entertained, you name it, you can do it.

In most cases it is great, we can be productive and playful,  but it is isolating and we have to continuously work on actively putting ourselves into real life experiences and socialise.

So, it is no surprise that 3 out of 4 millennials will spend their disposable income on experiences over products, so our roles is to sell product through branded experiences. Bringing brands to life in ways people cannot miss, while making them socialise in real life, build an emotional connection to the brand and then buy a product.

When working on our Candy Crush Board Game Café we took a 1player mobile game and built an in-real-life experience that connected to childhood nostalgia in a playful and emotive way. We built a totally sensory experience when people walked into the experience they said: “it even smells like Candy Crush”.  This board game café got people playing with new people and interacting with a range of new things,  all tied together by old and new age gaming.

Life Hacks with Nectar was another event we produced recently, where we connected people in-real-life to learn and share hacks. Life Hacks has become trendy again via YouTube, hacks are mainly consumed on YouTube and social media albeit great sharing to help others, it is still isolating.
This event brought all ages together, face to face to share new and old tricks which had real intergenerational beauty at the core of it.

Where the London bubble is ahead of the curve and people here are very aware of benefits of the wellbeing balance, they already have a weekly choice of excellent brand experiences to pick from. This year, we are focused on producing more brand experiences, but for the rest of the UK and Europe at Live, we will be banging the drum of small personalised brand experiences in untouched Cities of Europe.

This month our minds together sessions will focus on what else can we be doing to balance behaviour in the digital world.

January 17, 2018