Estee Lauder Companies

How to effectively leverage Social Media through unique and impressionable experiences to drive revenue.

Written by: Charlotte Johnson, Founder @LiveConsultancy
November 2017

While I was working late one evening in June I had a random email notification pop up on my screen, simultaneous with the annoying surround sound notification sounds from the multiple devices around the living room!
This email was unlike most, it was an enquiry form from our website. Now anyone that has set up a business will know that most of these forms are people trying to sell you something, so they are often overlooked.
Thankfully I didn’t overlook this one, it was from Estee Lauder Companies (ELC), the New York office had seen our case studies on Facebook and taken a look at our website!

See, content marketing really does work!

This website form is hands down the best one I have ever received! It invited me to join 70 senior directors at Estee Lauder Companies innovation day at University of Oxford, where I would present and take part in a panel session on a said topic.

I obviously jumped at the chance (once I figured out it wasn’t a prank, which I did for a little while!) and before I knew it, it was August bank holiday Monday and there I was up at 8am (with no hangover!) ready for my car to take me to Oxford.

As I arrived at Oxford, I was the perfect mix of excited and nervous, but I had made myself a bit too comfortable in the luxury car service; shoes were off, laptop open, breakfast juice in a Sainsbury’s plastic bag (so I didn’t spill it), the contents of my handbag all over the backseat! We turn in to the venue and I am greeted by a row of ELC staff and photographers. As I scrambled together my things, all of which are hanging out of my handbag, I try to appear together and sleek as I get out of the car – but failed miserably!

It was a glorious summer day so I wore an ASOS floral jumpsuit and lime green high heels. I certainly stood out from the crowd as out of the 100 strong group from ELC and staff at the venue everyone was in black and white! Classic!

While enjoying the sun outside before the sessions began, I had the pleasure of chatting with some of the senior directors at ELC for EMEA about how we leverage social media through events and what makes experiences shareable.
These extremely interesting conversations quickly highlighted how senior and influential the room was going to be! No pressure!

Before I knew it, it was my turn to take the stage. Here is a summary of my keynote.

Live Consultancy Mantra

Why? Because from the palm of our hands; we share the experience in the moment, we want to be in the moment FOMO, we shop in the moment, news finds us in the moment, we do everything and anything in whatever moment we want.

So your business has to be in the moment because, if you’re not, your competition will be!

So what is our criteria for a good idea:

Does it build an emotional connection with the brand?
In everything we do we have to build emotional connections, great products and services are not enough we have to build brand love.
Ideas have to be timely and relevant to what is happening in pop culture.

Are we creating micro-moments?
There have to be elements in experiences that you can only get if you attend the little touches, sometimes you can live the moment through a great video overview of the event, but micro-moments give a little something extra to only those that attend the event if shared well create perfect FOMO.

Is it reachable/achievable?
Can the target market connect with it?

Does it create shareable public reactions?
The experience/event has to share-worthy, good enough that the guest is going to be proud to share they are attending to their community.

Will the content pass the re-share test?
So if we have done our jobs properly we have created an experience that connects with the target audience on an emotional level, they will experience micro-moments and tell the story of the experience for us through multi-channel storytelling.
But what takes an idea from great to excellent? It passes the re-share test.
This is when someone will put their personal reputation on the line to share this content.


Our Process to create great content:

Listen first, to the people that matter to you; what are they saying, feeling and buying. Use social listening tools to help gather insight.
Let your ideas be guided by insight. Research, research, research.
Bring the story to life, through a sensory experience. Create shareable micro-moments.
Engage for multi-channel results, to grow profile, build emotional connections and drive sales.


The Panel

After the four of us completed our talks we remained on stage ready for the room to quiz us on our topics. It was a fantastic and challenging open discussion shooting off into all kinds of tangents. I think we could have gone on all night, but dinner and wine were waiting for us and anyone that knows me, will know that I wasn’t going to delay getting out to the fabulous grounds of Oxford for a glass or two in the evening sun!

The day and entire experience was an incredible honor, I met some wonderful people, now friends. Thank you to everyone at ELC who worked behind the scenes at the event and the organisers who found us and invited me to talk, it was a momentous career highlight and a turning point for Live Consultancy.

I am ecstatic to report that since this talk we have been working with Estee Lauder Companies EMEA on some exciting projects in how to revolutionize retail spaces.

Watch this space for further updates on our work with Estee Lauder Companies.

November 3, 2017