Post Pandemic Human Behaviours Webinar

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Thank you again to our wonderful guests Elle Moss of Drew London, Stacey Kernon of Brandlective, Cheryl Laidlaw of Website in a day, for joining us today for the Lively Lunch and Learn webinar on ‘Post Pandemic Human Behaviours’.

This interactive webinar gave insight into how buying habits have changed since the pandemic and how your business can; reflect, respond and reignite in this new chapter.

How buying habits have changed:

Since the pandemic there has been a massive increase in digital sales, and the purchasing decisions from different generations is incredibly interesting.

Generation Z – 77% of Gen Z want to buy from a brand that is real, authentic and they trust. The majority of this generation never touch a laptop and purchases are always on mobile. Generation Z also have 70% impact on what their parents buy.

Generation Y also known as Millennials- Instagram is proving to be the platform to purchase from, if an adverts appeals to them, they are likely to purchase feel, as long as they feel it is authentic and sustainable. 

Generation X – Their path to purchase – is a email, a classic HMTL email.

Baby boomers – Are all about the reviews and customer service. There has been a huge increase in baby boomers purchasing meal deliveries, such as Hello Fresh, Gousto and Mindful Chef.

Some of the top takeaways from the webinar…

Whilst these stats give us some insight into how different generations are buying, we recommend to go back to the starting point, ask your customers, how have your buying habits changed and what platforms are you using? This could be through social polls, email polls or speaking to them.

Look at your data, just because your impressions are high on Facebook, does not mean that they are purchasing through Facebook. Dive deep into your data, it might surprise you, put your best efforts into that channel.

Consumers are moving towards buying more sustainably. Sustainability won’t necessarily be a businesses USP, it will become an expectation from consumers.

If you are bricks and mortar business or a business that has had a 20% decrease in revenue, there are grants to help you take your business. This fantastic resource lists out 226 small businesses grants and funding programmes currently available in the UK.

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June 11, 2020