Our Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma hit our Netflix screens in September and has been at the forefront of our conversation here at Live, as content producers and social media managers we’ve had different reactions to the hit documentary that we wanted to share with you, to not only share a more about how we think, but show that we are conscious of the social dilemma we all face every day.


‘The Social Dilemma really hits hard about what happens on the other side of the screen, and how social media is changing our behaviour. Not just how we use the social media, but how social media uses us. I start to pay more attention to my screen time and try to limit it. And of course, turn off all the notification! As a designer who’s creating social media content, I would say that quality is much more important than quantity. I would like to create honest, true and thoughtful stories which can actually help people better to connect.’

Shanshan – Designer


‘The documentary highlights the moral and ethical responsibility we have as brand owners beyond just highlighting the platforms that have to change. Our natural instinct is to do more online, but I actually think we should be doing less. Just make what you do count for more, emotionally connect with the people that matter to you. Don’t play into the chase and addiction wheel of online, connect with people on value adds. I’ve never suggested to any brand I have worked on to do programmatic ads I don’t agree with it, your brand could end on hate websites or with content that is discriminatory in anyway.’

Charlotte – Founder


‘I definitely spent more time than is probably healthy on social media. But when for the 2nd time in a row, I have asked my husband to repeat himself, because I’m not paying attention to what he is saying, but to whatever is on my screen. I have to make a conscious effort to think and actively think, ‘stop, put the phone down’ and keep my phone on silent so the notifications don’t take me away from spending time with my loved ones. I’ve always known of the addictive nature (I’ve experienced it / still find it addictive) however have never thought about it from this point of view before: “There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software.”’

Emma – Producer


‘I was struck how The Social Dilemma highlighted in no uncertain terms the limited regard the tech giants have for ethical app development. They’ve chosen to forget – or ignore – that we’re humans, and we have instead repositioned us as the commodifiable product in social media – using their technology to slowly but persistently change what we do, how we think and who we are for their (financial) gain. And that’s pretty scary. I have always turned notifications off, but still often find myself falling down a rabbit hole and scrolling through my social feeds for longer than I care to admit. I’m not sure I’ll be deleting my apps entirely, as I like how, used right, they keep us connected to each other. That said, I’ll definitely be more conscious with how I use them going forward – to use them to connect with people how I want to, when I want to.’

Jess – Director


‘I thought the documentary Social Dilemma really brought to light the potential issues and threats that come with our increasing co-dependence with social media. I also think that such productions highlight the need for regulatory bodies to do more to prevent information exploitation. It also made me reflect on my own personal usage of Social Media and has since encouraged me to create a firmer mental barrier between that world and real life.’

Marvin – Junior Digitist


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October 8, 2020