Our Lively Digital Director, James.

About you?

I’m James, the Digital Director here at Live. If you can keep me away from some good code then you’ll find me planning my next DIY project or playing with the kids, most likely getting the kids to plan the project!

Why Live? 

It’s great being part of a team that is genuinely interested in each other’s wellbeing, working together to progress not only each client, but each other. Furthermore, at Live we don’t just work with any anyone. Our clients all have similar values, meaning that every successful project delivers satisfaction to everyone.

Most memorable moment?

I could say my wedding day to my lovely wife, or the days my beautiful children were born but, in truth, it is probably the time I chipped in for an Eagle from a deep bunker on the 14th green!

Best connection you ever made? 

I was once on a flight to Edinburgh to begin the Four Peaks Challenge and happened to start a conversation with the gentleman next to me. We had a good connection and talked the entire flight. We then worked together for the next 15 years until he retired and, in fact, that was who I was with when I achieved the aforementioned Eagle. 

What does Lively mean to you? 

Energy; Enthusiasm; Passion; A thirst for trying to find a way to improve something and make a message clearer and louder.

February 10, 2022