‘Marketing, where the hell do we start, now?’ webinar

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Thank you to our lovely guests  Elle Moss of Drew London, Stacey Kernon of Brandlective, Cheryl Laidlaw of Website in a day, for joining us today for our Lively Lunch and Learn webinar, ‘Marketing, where the hell do we start, now?’.

This interactive webinar gave insight, practical, implementable advice on how to audit and plan your marketing for the next 90 days with limited budget and resources.

Some of the top takeaways from the webinar…

Take some time out to take stock of where you are, review your digital conversion cycle and set up a simple excel to monitor your top-line marketing numbers.
Start at the top of the funnel and look at which channel is giving you the best reach and engagement, which channel is driving the most traffic to your site. You will quickly see the channel you need to fix or drop and which one to focus on. The reality is you might not be able to do everything right now, so focus your attention to the channel that can fill the top of the funnel.
If you find that your content is getting reach but not engagement, mix up your content to drive engagement. If you are getting the engagement but not the click-throughs, switch up the links and tell the reader why they should click and give up their time.

It is important to understand what is and isn’t working on your website, you might be spending a lot of time and money to drive reach or engagement or working hard to get people to click to your site, but losing them. Sept up goals in GA so that you can see if users are staying up to 10seconds, up to 20 seconds, up to 30 secs, and 30secs+. If you lose the majority of your traffic in under 10 seconds you need to refresh your home page content and user experience.

After you have run an audit on where you are, you’ll know where the holes in your cycle are, plan, plan, and plan again! Be strategic with your marketing. Don’t throw everything at it and see what sticks, choose and focus on one aspect and one place to start.

Who are your customers now?  The customer you had in March is going to be very different to the customer in June. Don’t focus on your dream client right now, who are the real customers, the people purchasing from you. Refine your customer profiles/avatars to how they are going to be in the current climate and market to them.

Repurpose old content – What blogs are looked at the most each month? Can you create more content from this blog? Look at older blogs that are still relevant to your services and amend the copy, Google loves this!

Heat Map your website with free tools such as Hot Jar. Research how your customers and potential customers are using your website. What is the most read FAQ?  Create a video or a blog that gives more details and use this as content on social.

Invest time in looking at your competition, we’re not telling you to copy them, what draws you in? what do you like the look of? How can small tweaks on your website such as image and copy refresh help improve your website?

Assess what is what you want and how you want to grow. Now is a great time to get down and dirty with your values and mission statement. What do you want to give back to the world in the future?

Remember to be human.

Thank you to all that joined us, and everyone that watches afterwards.
We would love you to join us at the next Lively Lunch and Learn webinar, Thursday, June 4th at 1 pm. When Elle, Stacey and Cheryl join us again to discuss openly and honestly the highs and lows of being a business owner throughout COVID-19.

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May 21, 2020