Lockdown Learnings from Senior Digital Expert

What is your morning routine?

I was waking up right before the start of my workday at the beginning of lockdown, but have switched to getting up a few hours before, even though I’m not a morning person. This has greatly helped me to feel more rooted and to take charge of my day. Something about ‘me time’ has proven to set the stage for a much more productive and enjoyable day – even if it’s just cleaning up or taking a short walk. Waking up ten to fifteen minutes before the workday starts only makes me feel like a hampster in the wheel.


What have you learnt during lock down?

I can be happy regardless of external circumstances, but gosh I miss my friends. They are the best and worth breaking lockdown restrictions for. The flipside is that I learned that I really needed to slow down and revaluate my life. I’ve learned that things were on a great trajectory, but I found some room to grow…  Taking care of my body with exercise and healthy eating is not as hard as I convinced myself to believe in the past. I’ve also learned that dishes pile up way too fast when eating at home for every meal!


What film / book / music would you recommend?

I’m recommend watching Narcos if you want a compelling and edgy series to binge on. I’ve really enjoyed MasterClass, especially the one with Ru Paul. It’s goes beyond dressing up in drag; it’s really about self-expression and living from your power.

For music, just go to KCRW.com out Los Angeles where you can find the latest underground sounds. That’s my ‘go to’ for finding the best up an coming musicians and music producers on the global scene, especially for electronic music.


What is your desk set up at home?

I took over an old makeup table that belonged to my boyfriend’s grandma. Nothing fancy, but the window in front of my desk reveals a field of green here in the countryside.


What is the first thing you are going to do after lockdown is over?

Going to London to hug some friends, have a late night dancing like nobody’s watching and having a few days where I get to eat at some of my favourite restaurants without a care for calories.

May 27, 2020