Welcome to Team Live, Our new Director Jessica!



A HUGE welcome to our newest team member Jessica. Our fabulous Lively Director. We must admit, it’s very different getting a new team member entirely set up and introduced virtually, without any in-real-life meetings at all. However, with plenty of Zoom practises over the past 4 months, we got this! 

‘It’s a really difficult decision of who to trust to help run your company, however reconnecting with Jess since we first met 14 years ago, I knew I could trust her as she lives and breathes the values of what it means to be Lively! Jess is perfect for the Lively Crew and I’m absolutely delighted to have her in the team.’ Charlotte MD

We asked Jessica some questions so you can get to know her a little more, continue reading below…

Why Live?

I was really drawn to the culture, values and ethos of Live. I didn’t want to work for an(other) agency that pays these things lip service – I wanted to work for one that actually lives and breathes them! 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chairs… I have too many of them. I’m a trained upholsterer so even a scrappy old chair appeals to me as I can immediately see it for what it could become. And such chairs are usually very cheap to buy – although I definitely make up for it with my taste for very expensive fabric (an equally guilty pleasure).

Most memorable moment?

Arriving in Bolivia at the start of a 3 month trip around South America when I was 19. I’d never experienced such a different country and culture before and I was bitten by the travelling bug from that second – swiftly followed by an awful dose of altitude sickness! Exploring new places has been a passion of mine ever since. 

Sweet or savoury?

Ooo that’s tough. I’d probably say savoury. If I had to pick two courses from a menu it’d be a starter and main. (although why you’d ever only go two, I’ve no idea!) 

Your weekend guide – FOMO or Netflix & Chill?

Hmm when life is busy I’d say Netflix and Chill, but in month four of lockdown it’s definitely FOMO (although there’s not much to miss out on at the moment!) 

Welcome to the Lively team, Jessica!

July 9, 2020