Lively Moments – Digital Marketing Updates

There have been a few updates in the digital marketing world recently. Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook are always trialling and releasing new updates and new ways for us to promote or share our news online.

Instagram is testing out another stories sticker option, this time aimed at facilitating event participation, with invites to events or parties via your story.

These new stickers enable you to add details of your upcoming event, including title, date and location – which you can attach to your Instagram story as a sticker. Viewers and followers can then RSVP directly from the sticker, which provides another way to generate interest, and/or share exclusive events. This could be a significant benefit for brand use.

For example, you could start sharing exclusive events with your business profile followers, which may give more people a reason to follow your profile, or you could create a close friends list of your top fans, then offer even more exclusive events and happenings with that group. 

There’s no word on any official release at this stage, but these updates generally do appear within a couple of months of the testing announcement.

LinkedIn has added some new tools for company pages, which aim to boost employee engagement on the platform, while also ensuring that your company information is complete.

The first element is employee notifications, a new way to let your company employees on LinkedIn know about important business updates or posts, and prompt them to share with their networks.

The next new LinkedIn company page addition is company page kudos and team moments.

As per LinkedIn: “With Kudos and Team Moments, Page Admins can leverage a custom content format built specifically to welcome new team members, spotlight outstanding work, and recognize the people behind an organization’s pivotal moments. By highlighting the people behind your brand, you reveal the human side of your organization to prospective customers and employees.”

Last but not least, our final update to share is on Facebook, which has caused quite a conversation within the digital marketing world. Facebook is making a change to how it calculates organic page impressions, which could see a reduction in perceived page and post reach.

This change is focused on reducing duplicate metrics based on the same person revisiting your page or posts. That means that Facebook’s reach data will be more accurate as it gets rid of repeat viewers. However, it could also mean that your numbers drop.

It’s worth keeping an eye on your stats to measure the impact, this effect will take place from October 28th.

What are your thoughts on these changes? Will these benefits you and your business?

October 25, 2019