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Unmask Brand and Website



The Legendary Life program is an online life coaching and development platform that has helped people all over the world find their true potential. Founder Chad E. Cooper engaged with Live to develop the brand, its story and to connect with more people online to help them create their Legendary Life.

During our initial listening sessions, we identified that the name of the program, Legendary Life was, in fact, the outcome of the program. Our thinking started with this name as the foundation of the brand. We then worked through the ideal customer personas to ensure the brand story worked for future members.

Our listening and insights workshops resulted in a fundamental shift in the brand foundation but also the program delivery. This extraordinary process and the venturesome nature of the program directors meant we could help shape this program from the bottom up.

The Legendary Life 12-week program was upgraded and improved, to help members understand that they would be working 12 different areas of their life. There was, however, a level of overwhelm when first introduced to the program – so we focused on this in the early stages of the re-brand. Instead of members working on all areas at once, it would be more effective to work on rebuilding one or two areas at a time. The program evolved to a 12-session program that focuses on 2 areas of life before moving forward, and could be completed at the member’s own speed.


Our Founder Charlotte went through the 12-week program before starting the re-brand project. This enabled her to really get under the skin of the business and to understand the Legendary Life program.

Key findings:

Working on all areas of your life meant you focused on the ones you felt most comfortable with and not the areas you needed.
The Legendary Life was the output, not the program.
Members needed to work at their own speed, so we renamed them 12 sessions, not weeks.
People want to improve their lives, but not all are willing to put in the work if the program didn’t have strength in the purpose.


During our vocalisation session, we had deep and emotional conversations about the blocks in our lives, shared experiences and life events that cause us issues. We kept coming back to the fact that we all can hide areas of our life or put on a different persona to deal with certain situations. This led us to thoughts about how many people wear masks, to protect, cover and shield from what they are feeling and who they truly are.

From these powerful sessions, the Unmask Program was born. Then the fun started in bringing this brand to life.

We wrote the Unmask story in formats to suit the introductory website, email, social and blogs. Next, we wrote and animated the explainer video.


The brand story is composed of hard-hitting, emotional, thought-provoking statements, while the visuals compliment the copy to soften and brighten the brand. Together, this demonstrates the playful and respectful attitude of the program.

The story is emotionally-charged to attract the right type of member – one who is ready to make a change. Despite this, the tone of voice remains playful, fun, bold, realistic and supportive. The visuals show people that although we all wear these masks; they do not define us. This is why we see masks on hangers, taken off and hung up.

We knew we hit the mark with this vision because our normally chatty client went very quiet and instantly started calling the program ‘Unmask’.  The next day plans were in place to change the entire program developed over the past 6 years.


We brought the brand to life through:

  • An introductory website
  • Email automation templates and campaigns
  • Social media (organic and paid)
  • A re-designed members portal and platform and all materials for members

As we continue to work on this huge project, we cannot wait to share more of what we learn, how it connects with members, and most importantly, how it created yield for our clients.