The perfect brand delivery for SpartanPac

SpartanPac provides bespoke delivery bags for the likes of Uber Eats. They wanted to expand their offering – to reach individual delivery riders and smaller businesses seeking high-quality, customisable delivery bags, as well as end-to-end delivery solutions.

Brand development

We created two strands of the SpartanPac brand, to reach both the B2B and B2C audiences.

With the B2B brand, the Pac itself is the Spartan. With the B2C brand, we made the rider the Spartan and included the Pac in the brand logo. The B2C brand assets highlighted how SpartanPac supports riders, with safety features incorporated into their Pacs and flexible payment options.

“We brought the brand to life with vivid colours and playful illustrations.”

Shanshan Liu – Designer

We created a new colour palette that linked the two brands, with additional colours to liven up the B2C brand. To give the creative assets a fun feel, we included playful illustrations and food puns.