Olympia London PPC 2019


Olympia London appointed Live for the third year as PPC agency, focussing on driving event organisers to their website to increase leads and enquiries for venue hire through PPC. 


Live focussed on two key event types for the London venue as Olympia is already a fully established exhibition venue we used PPC to grow conferences and corporate enquiries.

Keeping within the same media budget as 2018, in 2019 Live managed to:
Increase Impressions by 357%
Increase CTR by 55%
Increase Clicks up by 153%
Decrease CPC by 40%

We’ve made significant changes to the way Olympia ran their PPC adverts since we began working with them. The first thing we did was build a strong account structure, ensuring all of our ads were in easy to read and analyse the numbers. This also includes writing appropriate keyword lists, establishing how many ads we need in each group to maximise performance and also making sure all the keywords are relevant and assigned to the right ads.

Our digital experts go through keyword lists throughout the duration of the ad running on a regularly to maximise the budget. We removed the keywords that weren’t performing well, as this will slow down the campaign. Keeping on top of this is a must for great performance across PPC ads, not forgetting to keep an eye on the negative keywords lists.

We added multiple features to the ads, one being callout extensions. This added an extra call to action to the ads whilst showing more of Olympia’s services.

We are continuously optimising Olympia’s PPC ads by changing daily budgets, working on new keywords and tweaking the ad copy. This has allowed us to increase both impressions and clicks significantly, whilst decreasing the CPC month by month.

We are thrilled to announce that Live has been appointed for 4th year and will continue to drive venue enquires through PPC in 2020.