ISCP online platform


iGlobal Forum is an award-winning leader in financial and commercial real estate conferences. Live created a new sub-brand and online platform for its financial community, think LinkedIn but specifically and exclusively to connect and match Independent Sponsors and Capital Providers.


During the brand creation of ISCP, we spent hours with the iGlobal Forum team to understand the members and what they needed from an online community platform.

This was a key stage of this project, with so many complicated elements piecing together having a clear understanding of the bigger picture was essential. This drove the meticulous planning and the production of an extremely detailed functionality and UX document that our design and development teams could follow.


Looking at human behaviour on all major community platforms and using our experience in events, we brought all of our in-house expertise and insight together to design and build a custom platform for the finance industry, providing all the features and functions you can get in-real-life, online.

Our wide experience of working with various CRM and CMS systems gave us the edge on knowing which platforms, APIs and processes worked best together. In this case, developing custom code to keep multiple systems up to date and in contact with each other.

Visualise and Vocalise

You can read all about how we brought the brand to life in our branding case study. 

During the vocalisation stage of the project, and using everything we learnt during listening stages, we identified how best to tell the brand story and how to encourage connections on the platform.

We created a brand experience that is well received and generated excellent feedback.



The website is a multi-tiered membership portal opening more and more information as the tiers increase. The large searchable member’s directory is only accessible for paid membership levels, but with enough information about the service provided to all, to tease lower tiers and encourage upgrades. Additional functionality is also controlled by your tier level, with things that require purchasing in lower membership tiers included as part of higher tiers – once again encouraging upgrades.

We produced an extensive email and marketing automated workflow in Hubspot, with custom notification and an email trigger system within the custom platform to encourage new members and keep members engaged.

This contained 20 different points of correspondence that were automatically controlled by a user’s engagement, with the platform and the marketing combined.


During soft testing of the platform, we learnt that we are trying to do too many comms from the external CRM and behavioural triggers needed to be managed in the platform.

Also, that members were finding it hard to find upgrades sections as we didn’t want to be too salesey, but it went the other way! So we changed the sticky menu tabs to give members what they needed.

We also implemented a 7-day free trial for basic members to try premium features.



The platform has over 500 members in its first month and in the first couple of weeks, we generated over one hundred engaged and registered users and accepted a further 20 payments for premium and executive membership. The users returned daily posting deals and engaging with each other through the platform. The website is getting a good solid daily viewing and thousands of unique page views with on average over a minute spent per page.

July 16, 2020