Novum Insights – Branding


Novum Insights provides incredible data on AI, data analytics, blockchain and emerging tech companies through their incredible research tool which enables deep-market monitoring. The business was at a turning point in its growth and needed a visual identity that reflected where they were going.

Like many businesses, Novum used the Google suite. It was important for them to have a brand that could be brought to life easily with minimal external resource.
They required a brand that stood out as a positive disruptor while also connecting with more traditional corporate brands.

Using social and online listening tools we ran full competitor analysis to drive our thinking during the next phase. There were interesting takeaways from the challenger bank brands that influenced the visualisation.

Novum insights had loved one of the mood board routes, from which we created two concepts. The final concept selected, is a timeless and elegant style, with versatility that works across the google suite and the Novum Insights platform.

We worked with the development team in Novum to tweak the insights platform so that all reports and insights were presented in the same colour pallet, with a consistent look so that the team could quickly pull off data and use it in the google sheets templates.
Meaning that anyone in the team could follow the guidelines, to create gorgeous reports that were on brand, quickly and efficiently.

During the process, we learnt that the colour pallet needed vigorous testing with strong guidelines to ensure that the reports worked perfectly.
We had to tweak the colour pallet so that when used at lower transparency, the reports looked fantastic and clearly showed positive and negative outcomes.

Novum Insights now have a brand that is professional, elegant and stands out in their industry. They have a suite of tools that the whole team can use without the need for external designers. Novum is using the sales materials to raise funds and bring in new business.

July 1, 2020