NetZero Buildings – Social Media and Content

Social Media and Content Case Study


NetZero Buildings appointed Live as social media and content agency in September 2019. NetZero Buildings manufacture offsite modular schools and housing wanted to connect with Multi-Academy Trusts, Councils and Local Authorities in the UK, to help school estate to be carbon neutral and energy-efficient. The modular building generates enough energy to power the entire school estate.


We captured video and photo content from multiple shoots and designed a refreshed social style and campaigns. By working with the entire organisation, getting out and on the ground in the heart of the organisation our team were able to capture and tell the stories in the moment.
This way of working helps connect the organisation and also means the agency are welcomed to become an extension of the in-house team. We find by being out in the moments with the rest of the organisation we get to capture some nice stories that could be missed.

In Q4 2019 Live increased:
Impressions by 288%
Engagement by 414%

Every month we follow the LIVELY process with our client to ensure a fully integrated and methodical approach to social media and content.

Listen – our Producer is constantly social listening for news, influencer updates, trends industry updates, which is fed into our weekly discussions and monthly workshop.

Insight led thinking – we track digital results weekly and bring these insights to the monthly workshop. Discussing the performance of content style, times of the day and day performance. Insights guide our thinking but doesn’t limit creativity.

Visualise and Vocalise – the story of social media and content. In the monthly workshop, we use the listing and insight to visualise and verbalise the campaign concept. Followed by the development of the full campaign or storyboard for the shoot.

Engage – after we have designed, we plan how the content will be used and how to engage on the platform of choice. We personalise the content for the platform and ensure that the engagement plan relates to the learnings we have taken from the insights and listing.

Leverage – through the campaign we ensure we jump on opportunities, piggybacks and trends that can help with engagement, so although the content is planned it is not fixed, we remain responsive and reactive.

Yield – we report on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure we focus on the return on investment the social media and content has had.

January 14, 2020