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Metamorphosis brand



Dr Rademaker has 20 years’ experience in NLP and functional medicine. He has dedicated his life to improving the practice of medicine and has founded several service-led brands around it.

Over the years, these brands have evolved organically with no clear or consistent identity. We needed to develop a brand architecture to organise and house the brands, as well as creating a strong, creative brand identity to build brand recognition.

Through our listening sessions and workshops, we got under the skin of the existing brands.

We learned that Dr Rademaker’s overarching mission centres on transformation. Helping people to get from where they are to where they want to be. All his services and products – from training programs to podcasts – help people to achieve this.



Our brand platform needed to communicate Dr Rademaker’s core proposition and create a clear overarching identity for the group of brands and a set of cohesive, individual brand identities.

This new brand identity needed to bring to life the essence of transformation and change – through collaboration, regeneration and growth rather than removing and replacing.

We learned that Dr Rademaker products and services fell into four distinct pillars – a training program, community platform, practitioner services and publishing products.



During our vocalise sessions, we were drawn to the natural world as creative inspiration for this transformative family of brands. We arrived at the idea of Metamorphosis.

Meaning a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, it provided the perfect foundation to communicate Dr Rademaker’s offering.

To unify the brand family, we used Metamorphosis as a prefix for the overarching brand ‘Metamorphosis Collective’ and its brands:

Metamorphosis Program

Metamorphosis Platform

Metamorphosis Publishing.

Metamorphosis Practitioner

The client loved it so much he’d bought the domains for each by the end of our presentation.


A bolder colour palette of oranges, yellows, blues and greens was preferred, and the illustrative style of the original brands was liked, but everything else could be thought afresh.

Staying true to the bolder colour palette, we created a distinct logo set for all brands, using a refined elegant illustrative style for each.

Our visual language brought Metamorphosis to life. The flowing shapes creating the sense of something shape-shifting and changing into something else; a transformation. Photography has been given a treatment to ensure it ties in with the overall look and feel of the branding and prevents it feeling too stock-like.



Confident that we are working from a solid brand foundation, we are now turning our focus to bringing each brand to life.

First stop is the development of the marketing website and support materials to drive the launch of the Metamorphosis Portal – a training program for practitioner personal development and business growth.

Once live, we’ll be sharing how we brought it to life, how it connects with members, what we learnt and most importantly how it created yield for our partners.

This will be followed by developing brand assets for the Metamorphosis podcast, the rebrand of the Metamorphosis community platform and much more besides.

Watch this space…