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King.com Influencer Outreach Campaign

Influencer Outreach | Social Media

The licensing team at Candy Crush briefed us to launch their new website of personalised Candy Crush merchandise.
Products included mugs, aprons, phone cases, notepads and more, where fans could get their names on the exclusive goods, printed and delivered to you the next day.
They planned to have the website live the first week of November, however, because of technical delays the website did not launch until mid-December missing gift guides deadlines.
These products naturally are very popular with children and teenagers however King.com do not promote to under 18’s due to the King.com also owning gambling related products so the positioning had to solely focus on over 18’s.


Research showed us that women aged between 25-55 were most likely to buy these kinds of products.
It would be a natural fit to promote these products to children but by promoting them to adults as great gifts for the office or secret santa meant the campaign becomes more disruptive and unexpected.
Influencers with active communities are more likely to listen to their recommendations than a branded advert.


Influencer Outreach programme. We worked with a range of micro-influencers who were fans of the Candy Crush promoting to their hyper-engaged fan base the products as the best gift idea for 2017.


18,000 people were reached.
2,646 people interacted on the post.
100% positive feedback in the comments about the products.


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February 13, 2018