ISCP Brand Creation



 iGlobal Forum is an award-winning leader in financial and commercial real estate conferences.  Back in April, we announced that we had been appointed as a digital agency and since then boy we have been busy. iGlobal forum (iGF) is a positive disruptor and reacted quickly to Covid-19 by not closing up shop and hibernating because events couldn’t happen, but by taking events online. Live created a new sub-brand and online platform for its financial community. 

There are not many good things that have come from this global pandemic but we are proud to be working with this an innovative and forward-thinking team as from this, ISCP Club was born and brought to life.



Everything we do starts with listening, normally we have one listening session, however, as this was such a complex and large project, we had 3! This was crucial to build the foundation of the brand and platform.

The iGF brand was 12 years old and is going to be refreshed by us in July 2020. The founder of the company wanted to keep the logo but everything else was up for review. 

ISCP Club mission is to build a community platform that independent sponsors and capital providers can connect and share deals in a safe and curated space. This platform that we built is a combination of LinkedIn and Eventbrite, it would be their perfect baby. Which is just for the premium members of the iGF financial community.

 The platform was to provide top insights and content from the industry leaders, allow premium members post deals and connect with the directory, and book on to the iGF events.



We ran extensive competitor analysis and reviewed all the different types of platforms we could build before selecting the final platform.The company uses HubSpot for digital marketing so the platform had to be compatible and more importantly secure and powerful enough to cope with the membership size and demand of features.



Starting with mood boards of different routes we could take the brand, iGF Managing Director Anna Ivanova had a positive reaction to the route that was closer to the original brand. We found that the original brand colour pallet and logo could work well if brought to life differently. 

“Sometimes total radical change is not what a brand needs, often it needs to love and attention to just tweak it to make it shine.” Charlotte Johnson MD of Live Consultancy. 


Together we defined the values, brand proposition and tone of voice. This is brand develops connections and truly cares about the personal human connection between the community. They provide exceptional information, intelligence and influence, through content, connections and events.



We are so very proud of the platform that is now LIVE! It has been very well received by iGlobal Forum and the 400+ members are already on the platform. Hundreds of active users are booking events, connecting with the community and posting deals. It is going to be very exciting to watch how this unfolds and how quickly we get up to 1000 members.



The brand has a bold black, white and yellow pallet so for some digital materials the background can be very dark, combine this with a very content-rich brand we had to tweak layouts to ensure an easy read and easy to use platform. 



We are ecstatic that not only do we have over 400+ members, but they are upgrading and paying to use the platform from day one. We can’t share commercial information but put it this way, iGlobal Forum and Live consultancy are planning a little celebration party to mark this incredible achievement, well an outdoor party after July 7th! 


Check out the ISCP website here

June 26, 2020