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ISCP Club Email Marketing Automation


Building on iGlobal Forum’s longstanding success, we developed ISCP Club as an exclusive member community for independent sponsors and capital providers to access a wealth of industry content, an extensive Independent Sponsor and Capital Provider directory as well as live and virtual senior-level deal-making events.


As a member-only platform, understanding the most effective channels to drive registrations was critical. From early discussions with the iGlobal team, we knew we had an extensive iGlobal Forum email database that we could leverage to raise awareness of the club’s launch and drive engagement to the platform.


At launch, we produced a comprehensive automated marketing email workflow in Hubspot and a custom email trigger system within the platform to encourage new members and keep members engaged.

Although the workflows were driving people to the website membership, only 10% of new basic members were converting to premium and executive memberships post their 7 day-complimentary trial.

With the current COVID climate and through feedback from the iGlobal team it became clear just how price-sensitive our audience had become – our automated email marketing and a 7-day trial alone wasn’t enough to convert people to upgrade. We needed to change tact and make our messaging more time-relevant and focused on driving prospects to book a 121 sales consultation to help convert.

Visualise + Vocalise

We reviewed our communications with a focus on targeting individual profiles – basic, premium and executive members – with tailored content relevant to them that not only promoted the features of the platform, but the benefits of upgrading to support them in continuing vital networking in today’s virtual Covid-19 world; driving a reason to upgrade now.

Alongside our marketing comms, we produced a newsletter template for the iGlobal Forum team to deliver monthly news and content updates to their current members, so we could focus our efforts on email automation to push people to convert.


We simplified ISCP Club’s email workflows and our messaging, with a focus on driving people to the site and to book a demo with the iGlobal team to find out more.

Focusing on driving people to book a demo allows iGlobal’s team to then provide tailored consultations to drive membership upgrades on a personal 121 basis and answer any questions that members may have before upgrading, especially in the current climate where are people more considered about the value from any investment they make.


By simplifying what we’re asking members to do, providing clear CTAs and by not overwhelming with too many communications, we have driven a much better response rate to our emails and members signing up to book a demo – and ultimately upgrading.


In the last month, our tailored communication approach and drive to schedule a sales consultation with the iGlobal team has seen a 200% increase in upgrades to premium and 300% increase in executive memberships month on month as a result. The website is also getting good daily views and thousands of unique page views with on average over a minute spent per page.

October 1, 2020