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iNet Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation | Animated Video | Social Advertising | PPC + SEO

INet outsourced digital marketing to us to lead on their digital transformation journey. The aim was to increase their digital profile and drive leads to the sales team.

We edited and improved their existing website to increase the SEO score of each page on their website from 30 to over 90.
PPC and LinkedIn paid campaign to drive traffic on the site.
Designed and delivered animated video assets to simply the brand story and product offering.
Introduced HubSpot CRM and marketing.


We improved the SEO score by 67%. iNet quality scores went from 30 to over 90. Improving organic rankings and reducing CPC.
We increased traffic to the site by 175% each month in the first quarter.
We simplified the product offering and increase dwell time on the website by 20%.
First LinkedIn campaign drove 30% more users to the site that stayed on the site for over 11minutes.
Generated 3 sales leads a month.