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iGlobal Forum Re-Brand and Website Development


iGlobal Forum (iGF) is an award-winning leader in financial and commercial real estate conferences.  Since our appointment as their digital agency in April we have certainly been busy. In response to Covid-19 and events moving online and the need for independent sponsors and capital providers to stay connected, our first priority was the launch iGlobal forum’s exclusive online community platform – the ISCP Club.

Following the success of the ISCP Club’s launch and new brand style, we were asked to apply our same magic touch to iGlobal Forum – a full rebrand and new website development to showcase iGlobal Forum and its sub-brands and drive engagement and subscriptions to all.



Everything we do starts with listening. Although we had an understanding of the iGlobal Forum brand from our work on ISCP Club, it was still crucial we listened further still, to ensure we built a solid foundation to the brand and platform.

iGlobal Forum has had the same look and feel for 12 years and whilst a recognised visual identity had been developed, it needed modernising to bring it in line with the business’ maturity and future direction. The founder of the company wanted to keep the logo and colours but everything else was up for review.

From a brand perspective, we needed to consider the overarching iGlobal Forum brand positioning, as well as the value propositions of its three sub-brands – iGlobal Forum Events, iGLobal Live, the ISCP Club – and how these would work on the website to ensure we encouraged subscriptions to each.

The iGF mission is to connect senior-level business executives from across the globe and provide an exchange platform for education and strategic relationships. Its events focus on the most pressing business issues across a number of industries. They allow CEO and corporate decision makers from the financial and real estate sectors to network with leading experts in the field and provide a platform to benchmark the latest industry trends, technological and regulatory development.

The new website needed to showcase this wealth of content and resources across all its brands. And importantly, with the move to a purely virtual event format amidst Covid, promote iGF’s new virtual events offering.

Technically, it was agreed to build iGF on the same platform as ISCP Club to ensure consistency and ease of content management by the client across both.



Our audience are likely not as digitally native, so the design and user experience of the site had to be clean and easy to navigate. It was also important we captured iGF’s 12-year heritage.

We structured each section of the site by present, future and past content. This ensure consistency across all brands and ensure we placed the current / most relevant content up front so easy to access, coupled with clear CTAs to guide user journey and subscriptions.



Starting with mood boards of different routes we could take the brand, Anna Ivanova iGF’s Managing Director, gravitated to those with an editorial look and feel to promote the sense of an ever-changing, dynamic content.

We developed designs based on this direction, taking inspiration from elements of the new ISCP Club brand and using the existing original brand colour palette to ensure visual alignment.


Together we defined the brand’s values, brand proposition and tone of voice. The company had grown quickly over the last decade and the brand story hasn’t evolved with them.

We went above and beyond by hosted separate brand proposition workshops with the leadership team to really ensure their brand personality and tone was perfect for the next chapter of IGF.

This is brand develops connections and truly cares about the personal human connection between the community. They provide exceptional information, intelligence and influence, through content, connections and events. Our copy clearly communicated iGF’s unique proposition in this new virtual world of networking.


We are proud of the new website which has just gone live and has been very well received by iGlobal Forum. We’re looking forward to moving onto our next phase, developing a clear marketing strategy for how we promote iGlobal Forum and its sub-brands now there is a clear brand foundation.

When we do a design and build project, we continue to work on the site for 6 weeks after launch to ensure the the UX + UI are improving the baseline metrics we agreed upon. So we will report back in 6 weeks on the learning and yield.


During the design phase we had to tweak the designs to be mindful of our audience and how technically savvy they were. Whilst our initial designs for the events calendar looks beautiful, we adapted the designs during design development to ensure best UX design practice for our audience.

October 20, 2020