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GreenZone Social Media

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GreenZone appointed Live in summer 2019 as social media, digital and creative agency working with the in-house marketing team to build a social media community as part of their digital transformation journey. GreenZone wanted to connect with facilities managers and operations managers responsible for commercial cleaning contracts on social platforms while we build a new website and support the GreenZone team on their digital journey.


Live developed the brand guidelines and social campaign design concepts, followed by monthly social campaigns to engage new audiences and increase their community. We are in the process of designing GreenZone a new website, whilst the new website is being built we have started to develop their social media profile and community.
In 2019 we;
Reached over 43k people
Twitter engagement up by 242%
Facebook engagement up by 1042%

Twitter and Facebook were existing accounts that Live took over and through organic content have been driving to increase the community size whilst the website is in production.
This test and learn strategy found the best times, days and content styles for GreenZones target audience.
The agency analyses all social media content on a weekly basis to really ensure we connect with the people that matters and also captures anything that is going right and more importantly wrong before it becomes a problem.
This detailed and methodical approach is the reason the agency can achieve exceptional increases in reach and engagement.

In 2020, Live will drive social media engagement through paid and organic focusing on LinkedIn campaigns driving traffic to the new website due in 2020.
Campaigns will focus on the brand core audience and core values. GreenZone is a leading sustainable commercial cleaning company, who had won as many awards for saving the planet as cleaning it.
As GreenZone approaches its 10th year in business, everything is about what they have achieved in the last decade and what businesses can be doing to help save the planet in this very crucial time we are now in.