Five Year Finance Brand Development


Novum Insights, a growing data insights company that helps connects VC’s and investors with the next big thing in tech and provides extraordinary data insights to support the fintech industries asked Live to create a new sub-brand and online platform for them to educate and build a community online.

Novum wanted to connect with VC’s, funders, investors and thought leaders in the fintech, blockchain and online world, through education and insights. They needed a sub-brand brought to life as an education platform to support the data insights company.


Live created a brand that pops and stands out in the fintech and blockchain world. They host free webinars, paid workshops and online events for the community.
We follow our tried and tested LIVELY process:
Listen – social and online listening proved a need for a free and paid version of the offering, that gave quality content and education weekly/bi-weekly. That the community was happy to pay for quality education but felt lost in the magnitude of the free webinar craze in March/April.
Insight – data from Novum and social listening guided our strategy for design, tone of voice, frequency of events, and quality of speakers.
Visualise – we created multiple mood boards and took our inspiration from the listening and insights we had gathered, we focused on the future of the digital economy, which brought us to our title. Five Year Finance, always challenging our speakers and team to reflect and educate on what will finance look like in 5 years from now.
We moulded a few ideas together to create this clean energetic and powerful design that is fully transferable between channels and sectors.
Engage – we think about how to make brand engaging as we create it, so we design for the website, event page, social, blogs and email we are testing with a beta community before anything goes out.
During the soft launch of the brand and the first webinar, over a 1 week period the first webinar had a  audience of 90 strong.
Learning – our process celebrates learning so that we always help our clients improve rather than taking the approach well we created the brand for you, here it is!
The learning we took was that the webinar needed a longer 2 week promotion as although people are at home right now, they are fully booked with keeping them and their families entertained and we have to book the diary two weeks in advance.
We also tweaked the offering pricing strategy with free interactive webinars and paid workshops as the community wanted two very different things some wanted to listen learn and get inspired, others wanted hands-on interactive learning focuses more of the how not just the top line theory.
Yield – We have been working in partnership to create monetisation strategy that supports the community and also grows the brand so we created a sponsorship package and paid ticketing tier for the workshops.
As Live continues now to run the online marketing for Five Year Finance we will update the Live work section with success stories of the ROI for Novum Insights.
May 7, 2020