Emersing ourselves in brand transformation

Sales transformation experts, Emerse, changed direction and asked us to create a brand for their new ecosystem of programmes, bootcamps, mini courses and resources.

Brand development

The existing brand was incredibly dark and similar to other sales brands. We introduced new colours to lighten it, and differentiate Emerse from other brands in the sales world.

The geometric shapes represented the science behind sales. We softened these to show how Emerse are humanising sales, and used these shapes cleverly to break up, frame, and highlight content throughout the website and across the digital assets.

“We used a bright colour palette and geometric shapes to lighten the brand.”

Shanshan Liu – Designer

Emerse develop sales teams as if they are professional sports teams, so we incorporated inspiring sporting imagery into the brand. Combining this with the geometric shapes and sales imagery created a unique visual identity, making the creative assets instantly recognisable as Emerse.