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Creative Comms for The Health Lottery

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The Health Lottery asked us to review their entire content strategy and come up with more interesting content to promote The Health Lottery and to sell more tickets.

Money makes the World go around, we can’t live with it and we can’t live without it, we love to hate it.
But no matter how much money you have ‘doing good’ makes us happy. It’s been scientifically proven that humans are happier when doing good and helping others.

The result of our; competitor analysis, research, and insight was a detailed content strategy. Our strategies come in the shape of a house, the foundation is sharing winners stories, and the walls form two content pillars. Doing Good and Winning Money. The roof is stunts and experiences to bring the brand to life.
A percentage of the weekly ticket sales at The Health Lottery fund health charities across Great Britan they work with incredible causes, so we went to meet some of them, to tell their story and start to share how the funding through the Health Lottery is closing the gap of health inequalities in Great Britan.

Working with The Health Lottery stakeholders and partners we planned, curated and captured and shared 10 incredible stories.


11 emotional pieces of content that appeared on multiple online publications and created great online buzz.
The Story was published at:
Huff Post UK
Female First


July 25, 2017