Installing a new brand for Charge Ninja

Kinara wanted to launch a new brand, to sell at home charging points for electric cars. They asked us to create the brand and all assets needed for the website and marketing funnels across Europe.

Brand development

The idea behind the brand logo was to show the flow of electricity when an EV is charged and reflect how straightforward it is to charge your car with Charge Ninja.

We chose to step away from traditional eco-friendly colours, using bold shades of orange, purple and yellow to give the brand a strong identity.

Brand character – Ninja

We felt it was important that the brand was playful so we included fun elements, like personifying the car, and creating a ninja. To contrast the product imagery, these characters are hand drawn. We used them to convey the key messages in an engaging way.

“We introduced the ninja character to add more personality to the brand.”

Shanshan Liu – Designer

The shape of the charging cable is used to connect content throughout the website and digital assets.