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Bantham Brand


At the start of the summer we were excited to be appointed Bantham Technologies’ digital agency. We were asked to bring the brand to life online as part of their September relaunch to UK customers and market.


Through extensive listening sessions it was clear that whilst the tech itself is pretty impressive, it’s the environmental and human benefits that the tech offers to business that’s key. Allowing them to save time, save the planet and also save money.

What’s more, its digital pen tech makes alongside their e-forms makes their full offering unique in the market – the ability to support businesses in going paper-light and paperless.


Our insights showing that all other competitors focus on the tech and not its benefit. This reinforced the need to humanise the Bantham brand. Promote the positive impact on people and planet, to provide real brand standout and a point of difference with our social content.


We started with mood boards of different routes to guide our exploration and agree a creative direction with the client. When developing the brand style we focused on imagery that humanised the brand and promoted its environmental credentials and ambitions. The tech was represented in the graphic and illustrative treatment overlay rather than the devices themselves, to ensure a focus on the positive impact to people and planet.


Our messaging focuses on three core pillars – time, money, planet – communicating the positive impact that Bantham’s tech has on each for businesses.


Content is emotively brought to life through benefit-led messaging and the brand’s credibility communicated through key stats and success stories. Strong CTA’s drive people through to the Bantham website for more in-depth blog content and to get in touch.


Our initial concept used short headlines with key words in bold, which worked well. But as we moved in to the engage phase some headlines needed to be longer to communicate the right message and we realised the elegance of the visual had been lost and felt disconnected from the website fonts. So we have refined to fonts to ensure they work as a cohesive brand font family across all channels.


This is the first time Bantham has communicated via social, so our launch content has been working hard to build a community from scratch. As well as driving reach and engagement through content optimisation, scheduling and hashtag strategy, we’ve been working strategically to leverage the directors’ own social channels to drive greater engagement with the brand channels. Our target is to drive 5% engagement with social content during the first month.

October 19, 2020