Live + Learn Episode 3 – WTF is SEO?

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Thank you to our fantastic SEO Expert Henry for joining us today, making his first, but we’re sure, not last, appearance on the Live + Learn series.

With over 8 years of experience working in the digital industry, Henry has a wealth of knowledge and experience of all things SEO and knows the importance of how to use search engines to your advantage to increase traffic and sales – so he made the perfect guest for our topic WTF is SEO?

In this episode, Charlotte and Henry delve deeper into discussing the key areas of SEO and how each one of these effects where you rank and appear within Google. Because let’s be honest does anyone user any other form of search engine?

These key SEO areas are;

In this episode, they also discuss, what is the best SEO strategy for your business, how to audit your site, the difference between long term and short term strategy.

Two key takeaway from this episode;

1. Always produce great quality content – Even if you have not started your SEO strategy yet- Google will always rank high quality better. Having great content in your back pocket is a fantastic starting point to your SEO strategy.

2. SEO is not a quick simple win. It’s a slow burner that with work and patience you can have customers finding you without having to pay to acquire new customers. That is the real power of SEO.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this episode and if you have any questions about your SEO short and long term strategy email or pop a question over to us on Twitter @LiveConsultancy

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November 12, 2020