How to drive revenue through content marketing

Quality images and video are still a businesses greatest assets, they can tell an emotive visual story to use online, offline and in-real-life. They can be used internally to drive motivation and pride, they are used to sell your business to potential leads and they are used in your marketing to increase leads and drive revenue.

At Live we pride ourselves on practicing what we preach and I am going to share a couple of stories of how content marketing has driven our revenue and helped us grow into a team of 10 with international clients in the first two and a bit years of business.

When we won Candy Crush Board Game Cafe back in 2016 we knew that every single element of the design, build and delivery had to be captured in a beautiful way, so we started the project with a content plan. We planned how it was going to be promoted and shared after the event was finished. Answering the question ‘How is this going to live on after we close the event?’ For this project we were responsible for the event design, production, PR, build of microsite, SEO, video and photo content, basically the whole lot!

As the event had never been done before we needed to build promo content that would capture the attention and hearts of Candy Crush fans and board game fans. We staged a shoot in the Candy Crush HQ with the games, food and drink that would be at the event. This content was key to the success of the overall project, it helped us get coverage in every London listing press, video and picture desks and had a ripple effect on social media. This drove the queue outside the door for when we opened, which meant our real-time content was lively and buzzing with happy guests.

This online profile ensured that the social editors that arrived for the preview could also make buzzy engaging content for their publications to help us drive further online buzz and footfall for the second day.

We always build our editing suite in or near the venue so that we can have all the video and photo assets ready to go out as the event is happening to drive more footfall to the show.

This project was particularly impressive as our content reached millions worldwide, not just to Candy Crush fans and consumers but to international brand owners that got in contact with me to do a keynote on this topic later that year. That opportunity led to working with Estee Lauder Companies EMEA.

It would have been easy as a business owner to cut back on costs like the onsite editing suite and extra camera’s and real-time editing. However, If i focused on short-term margin gains I would have lost the long term growth and revenue that followed in year two. The profile that came from the campaign and the speaker opportunities that were offered were priceless all becuase we created and shared great content.

Content needs to be central to everything you do whether that is from In-real-life experiences or campaign content this is what tells your story and drives leads. Content lets the story live on after the moment has happened.

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November 26, 2018