Twitter – Hide & Block

Last month, Twitter announced that is giving us more control over the conversations we start on the platform. They have been testing a new feature in Canada, which is now going to be available both in the US and Japan.

The reason behind this is to help stop spread negative comments online and to help twitter regain its reputation as a platform for healthy conversation.

Before users could manage their individual experience, by muting or blocking conversations or certain keywords or accounts, so they no longer could be seen in their feeds.

This new features now allows the Twitter users who posted the original tweet to be moderate the replies and can decide which replies can be seen and which can’t be seen by other users. This can be simply done by clicking on the right-hand menu of a tweet and selecting ‘Hide reply’.

Twitter first announced this new feature in February and began testing it at the beginning of July.
“We saw that people were more likely to reconsider their interactions when their tweet was hidden,” the company wrote.

Although this was done for more positivity online, this feature could still prove to be controversial. It allows users to tailor online debates, hiding opposing viewpoints or even correcting misinformation.

Ultimately, the success of ‘hide replies’ will depend on how people use it, but it could mean friendlier — and more filtered — conversations. What do you think? Will you be using this feature? Let us know

October 8, 2019