How to drive revenue through inbound marketing

At Live we are all about connections and moments, whether that is online, offline or in-real-life-experiences.

Inbound marketing is where we focus our efforts online and attract new leads into our funnel to engage and capture data. This type of marketing is to draw people that are actually interested in your brand to your site rather than outbound where you can measure visibility and reach but not really track results.

Our Lively Process to drive revenue through Inbound Marketing


We need to identify who really matters to you, who are interested in your product/service.


We find out in what moments we can connect with people that matter to you.

Visualise and Vocalise

Create beautiful engage content to attract the people that matter to you to the top of the funnel.


Drive them to landing pages with easy data capture like a chat bot. Use video on your landing pages, you are 80% more likely to get engagement.


The data and cookies you capture with email automation and re-marketing, make sure the content is thumb stopping and emotive.


What terms, content, channel, are working to drive revenue. Test and learn, test and learn.



Tips on getting inbound marketing right…

Our process has a top down approach to drive revenue through inbound marketing, but our tips are bottom up.  Getting inbound marketing right starts with the customer and taking the friction out of the customer journey and the product offering.

Let’s think back to 5 years ago when you needed to buy a mattress you had to go to a store that was busy and couldn’t stock the whole range, you would spend 10mins max laying on a mattress in a plank-like position nothing like how you actually sleep. Then comes along online mattress retailers who give a 100 night money back guarantee with free delivery and return.

Friction down, customer satisfaction up.

When we wanted to buy clothes before we have to travel to a high street, we had to queue to try on, negotiate with hot dirty changing rooms, and then queue to pay. Then Asos changed our lives with their intuitive and easy platform, next day delivery and free return for £10 a year. Now we can order, try on, send back what we don’t like and then pay for it.

Friction down, customer satisfaction up.

The best examples of frictionless companies include Uber, Asos, Netflix, Air BnB. We have all heard of them, but are you thinking like them. These guys are delighting their customers with frictionless offering. How could you take the friction out of your offering?

Make a 90-dayplan of how you could remove the friction, then use that as inbound marketing messages with beautiful content.

Tip 1 – Take the friction out of the officering and delight your customers. Let them become advocates for you.

Do you have customer/contact information that isn’t being leveraged?
Engaging content that enhances lives and educates your network with drive brand advocacy and revenue.
Before when I thought about buying plants for my flat I worried that I would just kill them all before the first week was out so I just put it off.  I then saw some brilliant content from Patch the online florist that delivers plants to your London home, I can pick weekend morning deliveries so I am not waiting in all day or carrying plants home on the bus from the office.
What converted me as a customer was the easy one page product pages that showed me exactly what I needed to do to keep them alive followed by the free video course in how to look after plants.
Patch utilised my email by sending me simple education videos.

Tip 2 – Leverage customer/contact information with remarking and email automation with helpful educational information. 

Do you have a long enquiry form on your website, by long I mean asking for more than three things?
If so, you are putting people off giving you their email. Today we have a psychological barrier to filling out forms we are more likely to type in to a chat bot.
You can’t miss out of these opportunities, there are lots free tools like Hubspot that can help with this. You can have it only pop-up when someone can respond and you can also set up FAQ answers. You’ll be notified by email when you get a user on the chat so I it just like getting an email from a potential new customer. Can you afford to miss these?

Tip 3- Install Chat bot on to your site.

We are human beings its all about people that matter you, its B2P not B2C/B2B.
Online chatbots can save lot of time and effort by answering customer’s questions for you. According to Gartner, by 2020 85% of customer interactions will be handled without human involvement, and a large part of this prediction is communication through chatbots. The benefits are huge and with a 24/7 service being an obvious benefit, instant responses to simple questions is where a user really engages. A well setup chatbot can save a huge amount of time and money for any business.

Tip 4 – Marketing to human beings with beautiful creative emotive content.

In a time where every SEO specialist will advise you to layout your content for Google/Bing/Yahoo to optimise the traffic coming to your website, every copywriter telling you that “content is king” and promising their copy will win a London Writers Award for you, it is sometimes easy to forget who your website is actually for Humans !

While all the SEO & copy boxes must be ticked, create an environment that every person B2B/B2C/P2P wants to read easily. We want to enjoy your page layouts, not be forced to engage when we want to read and when we are done reading and feel empowered, make it easy for us to engage further. Making your copy emotive and creative in a nice clean layout will draw a user in as they feel comfortable and driven by your words. Think of these points when creating your next content piece:

  • Use Your Content to Tell a Story
  • Leverage the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
  • Make Your Audience Feel Special or Powerful
  • Create a Feeling of Belonging
  • Use Mystery to Make Your Content More Compelling
  • Promise to Help Your Audience Achieve Their Goals
  • Use Humor
  • Surprise Your Audience

All of this in one paragraph would be crazy! But write the body of your copy down and then select a couple and refine your copy accordingly. As per the last point, you might even surprise yourself.

October 30, 2018