Digital marketing refresh in the slowdown

So while you don’t have the workload that you previously had, seize the moment and refresh your digital marketing with the tasks that you’ve been saving for quieter times. Remember, we won’t be in quarantine forever. Those who were quarantined in Asia back in January are starting to return to offices, and eventually, we will all follow suit.

Here are some potential directions for how to best use this time.

Website UX Updates

How well is your website performing, get into the back end and dig deep into the analytics to see where there are performance issues. It talks a lot of work to get people on your website, so once you have them there don’t let them leave straight away, or worse stay for while and not connect with you.
There are many little fixes in the UX of a site that can keep people for longer and connect further.

Take the time to focus on the UI + UX user interface tweaks can really lift a page, by using a free heat map you can review how your audience is using the site so that you can use data to guide your UI tweaks, especially if you have a hard time selling in new design changes to the board/owners.

Create a simple digital conversion cycle table of flow chart so that you can use the data to prove to your  budget holders that there will be a return on investing in making improvements to your website.

By reviewing the digital conversion cycle on a monthly or quarterly basis you can see where the holes are, for example, you might spend 3k a month driving people to a website that has over 50% leave as soon as they land, and only 5% stay for 30 seconds or more.
In a time when resources and budgets are limited use data to ensure you are focusing on the right areas.


Digital Marketing Refresh – Materials and New Channels

What can you do differently? Our recent global shift in digital marketing and how many eyes we have on the internet, are giving new opportunities to attract business and leads. As marketers, we’ve all had our thoughts and strategy geared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but what about communication group apps like WhatsApp, Tik Tok, and Telegram? How can you create visuals and messaging in a way that pops in group chats and feeds while being respectful to the community?

Digital Marketing Refresh –
SEO Maintenance

SEO is crucial to building traffic and brand awareness, and people will always need your services. Hubspot has reported that  80% of a website’s traffic starts with a search. This is why you can’t ignore SEO maintenance, and you can do a lot of it on your own. It is a long term strategy, but this is the time to create a 12-month plan that you can just allocate a couple of hours a month to if that is all you have.

Take the time to view your overall site performance via GA, and set new goals based on what you find. Websites are often missing basic SEO boosters like page titles or descriptions. It’s easy to overlook when creating your website, but easy to fix. Install software like Yoast to test each page’s quality score.

Software like SEM rush or Rival IQ is great, they give you a score and action plan to work through.

Granted you might not have the time or expertise to write about every topic/key term you need to, so ask for help from the rest of you organisation to give you bullet points to start the blog, or insights to strengthen the blog that can support you.

Check that all of your images have keywords in their ALT tags and make sure that all your site’s webpages have SEO meta titles and descriptions and optimize appropriately without keyword overloading.

Your URLs should be simple and easy for search engines, Here’s an example:

Are you using links in your content? This includes both internal and external website links.

Need some more ideas? Contact us for a consultation call. We’re here to help.

May 27, 2020