5 winter warmers to keep your marketing on fire

Wow – Here we are talking about our winter warmers to keep your marketing on fire, whilst also wondering where did that summer go??

As we head into winter, it could be quite easy to go into hibernation mode and wait for the sun to come back in March. But we’re not ready to do that, now are we? NO!

So, we’re here to share with you 5 ways to keep your brand marketing motivated, engaging lively and connecting with your people during the winter months.


  1. Keep connected

Using video content is one way to stay connected with your people. The content must be interesting. Engage your audience through creative storytelling. Bring your brand story and products to life through explainer videos or animations. Keeping your followers up to date and involved will build brand love.

86% of consumers want brands to share more information about their products or services in video format.

However, remember quality over quantity. Over on the blog, we share ‘Why video content isn’t a choice, its a must’.


  1. Perform a SWOT

Get back to basics. Grab a pen and paper and perform a SWOT. It’s a quick way to get a handle on the situation. You can perform a SWOT to understand Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for your business and your clients. It’s important, to be honest, specific and open to the results that may come from the SWOT.

Listen to our Lively podcast where Charlotte and Stacey talk about the importance of performing these at least every quarter.


  1. Make your marketing memorable

There are twelve archetypes. All brands should focus on having two maybe three archetypes which resonate through your strategy, voice and visuals. The main two being your primary archetypes – which is your outward-facing brand; the one you talk to customers with, that they resonate with and become loyal to. The secondary archetype – is your inward facing brand, how you speak to your team members, how you run one-to-ones and how you hire new team members. During these winter months, explore all areas of your archetypes – see what resonates with your brand and strengthen your marketing.

We also have a Live + Learn episode entirely dedicated to this topic. Check it out here.


  1. Prepare your winter website

Keep a close eye on how your website is performing. Are you capturing data and connecting with people? If not review your marketing funnel. You may think you know how users are using your website but get some evidence behind your thinking. Hot Jar has a fantastic free service that shows you how users are using your website, this can help you make informed decisions to changes needing to be made.

Allow for your customers to connect quicker and easier with WhatsApp click-to-chat. This integrated feature allows your website visitors to start chatting with your business through WhatsApp in just one click. Connecting you and your customers instantly.


  1. Use the power of SEO

SEO is a super-powerful hidden marketing tool.  SEO can help your website rank higher in search results and consequently drive more traffic to your website. If used correctly it can boost your sales and connections considerably. Join Charlotte and our SEO expert Henry on 12th November at 8.30 am for Live + Learn episode 4 ‘WTF is SEO? and why every brand needs a long-term strategy.’ Register here

Need some advice on keeping your marketing warm this week – Let’s chat!

November 9, 2020