Consumer Trends 2018: Flexible Working

Here at Live we embrace flexible working. We trust and give our employees the ownership and control of their work, their own time and working hours. 

Flexible working brings many positive benefits to employees

1. Work/Life balance 

2.Greater job satisfaction,

3.Motivation and morale

4.Higher energy levels 

5. Creativity


Employees having control over this reduces stress and anxiety levels which allows them to learn to balance the business of everyday life. 

There are many different types of flexible working out there, such as compressed hours, remote working, part time, job share… you get the idea.

And at Live we have Lively working!

We want to get the best out of our employees, so that means allowing them to work when they are at their best. Resulting in wonderful ideas and work. 

Here is our ‘Lively’ flexible working guidelines:

No 9-5, 8-4, 12-9 etc. If you work better in the evening that’s fine, or on a sunny day you want to be out and prefer to work Sunday when it is going to rain that is fine too. You choose when you do you do each project as long as you are at required meetings and minds together sessions and you hit your deadlines without exception, you can pick when you work.

Our home in Shoreditch is open 24/5 and 8-8 on the weekends so everyone has an amazing space to work when they chose to.

The world is your office – although we have our hub in Shoreditch the team are encouraged to be out and about and keep inspired.

The team are encouraged to have side projects and outlets to stay inspired and on the pulse of the industry, sparking their entrepreneurial spirit.

Our wonderful technology platforms such as Hubspot, Streamtime, What’s App and Office 365, keeps us always on an connected to each other.

The key to success with flexibility, is trust and excellent communication as soon as that breaks so does the system, its in everyone’s interest to respect the rules to reek the benefits. We do this in our weekly kick-off meetings and Lively Sales and marketing (S&M) sessions.

October 19, 2018