How video content drives revenue

With 55% of consumers watching video content everyday it is no surprise that 70% of marketers are planning to use video content this year as part of their strategies.

A one minute video is worth 1.8m words to your target market and via a channel where your customer is 80% more likely to convert once watched a video. So the question is not if you are going to use video to share your story to sell your services/product is it how to do it in the best way to attract, engage, close and delight your customers.

Great video alone is not enough to drive revenue, it needs to be the visual asset that you use to attract people into a thought out inbound marketing funnel. The top of the funnel is grabbing attention through; social, ppc, display, SEO, sponsored content, PR, in-real-life. Most of which can use great video.

The next layer is to convert the lead in to data with a great video on the landing pages with a easy to use chat bot.

Once we have the persons email in our automated flywheel of email marketing and re-marketing display adverts we then move to close into the sale.

The most import part of the process in driving revenue is to delight the customer, taking all of the friction out of the process to make life easier for the customer, use video for training guides and how to that humanise the brand.

1. Attract: Use attention grabbing emotive video to attract people in to the funnel, selecting the right channels and times depends on who matters to you, identify this at the start of your inbound marketing strategy.

2. Convert: Once you have attracted the person to your landing page, the goal is to convert them by getting their data through a chat bot or pop-up sign up page. Offer something interesting in exchange for their email like a free e-book on how to do something or a video training course. Landing pages that have video can increase the conversion by 80%.

3. Close: When you have a lead the data is in the automated flywheel of email marketing and re-marketing display adverts, incentives and offers are a great way to close and transform into customer. Continue to use video content to engage with leads and customers throughout this process.

4. Delight: Take the friction out of the customer journey and make everything easy for your customer to want to advocate and return. Offer free training videos courses that increase skills/knowledge but also drive more revenue.

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October 17, 2018